Hardcore Pepperocini

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

"I'm foolish and crazy, I just think that maybe I've got alot of things to figure out..."

-Rosie Thomas

I met up with Emily downtown today. We went to Westlake Center to get food (for sentimental reasons) and then walked to the library so Emily could return a book. She let me put it in the nifty little slot-thing, because I had never done so, and it is very high-tech and fun. Then we took the bus to Easy Street Records. Then we walked to the Seattle Center and spent an hour or two sitting in front of the fountain and being mellow. Good times.

Then Emily took off and I met up with Rebecca-nose-snarfle-face. We talked, ate Dicks, went to a music store, went to a bookstore, and went to a play. What a great combination!


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