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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

"Your head will collapse, but there's nothing in it and you'll ask yourself, 'Where is my mind?'..."

-The Pixies

Okay, so Amber got Adam to burn the finale of America's Next Top Model and she brought it over so we could watch it since we both missed it when it aired on TV. It just ended, and I asked Amber if she wanted to watch an episode of LOST, since she still hasn't seen all of Season 2. Here is the conversation that followed:

Me: Do you want to stay and watch an episode of Lost?
Amber: It's hard to know...
(1 minute pause)
Me: So do you want to stay?
(30 second pause)
Amber: All I can think about is that the word "Arkansas" looks like "Arkensass", which makes me think of "AppleSauce".

(Just so you all know, there was nothing in the room that had any relation to the word "Arkansas")

Yep. Don't worry about us folks. We have everything under control. Nothing to see here.

Now back to your regularly scheduled program.

Sunday, May 28, 2006

"I'm trying to spell what only the wind can explain"

-David Gray, Coming Down

My oh my, what an interesting 24 hours I just had!

Started out innocently enough. (Doesn't it always)? Jessica and I left my place around 10 AMish yesterday morning, for the Sasquatch Festival. We were a little late, but didn't care too much because none of the bands at the beginning of the line-up were bands that we really cared about. The drive was nice. We listened to David Gray and looked at the pretty scenery.

We got to the gorge and headed straight for the main stage. The weather was warm and breezy. Perfect.

We quickly found a nice place in the grass, spread out our blanket, and got out all of our snacks. Click here to see how it all began.

Did I mention yet that the weather was perfect? Because it was. It was perfect. Not too hot, but warm enough to where we had to push up the legs of our jeans and wear our tank tops. We also put on sun screen, because we were worried about getting sunburned. Then we just kicked back and listened to the music. It was very mellow, and we were happy poodles.

Then things started to change. And by "things", I mean "the sky".

A slight drizzle began... quickly followed by sights and sounds of thunder and lightning. The crowd was very excited about this, and each sound of thunder was followed by "thunderous" applause.

So, you know the feeling that you get when you're being pelted with rocks? That's how it felt when the hail storm started. And when I say "hail" I don't mean little slivers of ice, I mean big chunks of ice that were still not melted when I walked away from them 7 hours later.

It really was pretty intense. Jessica and I had no other choice but to huddle under the blanket that we had been sitting on, and wait for it to stop. We actually had a pretty good time under the blanket, because we're cool like that. Click here to see!

Every now and then we would peak out and it looked like we were witnessing some natural disaster. Well, unless we were looking at the drunk guys that were running around with no shirts on.

Eventually the hail stopped and we came out from under our blanket. A few groups of people had left, but for the most part, everyone was still there. And people were in surprisingly good spirits. It was such a freak incident that all you could really do was laugh. It looked like we had just been under attack and we were all picking up the remains. They also had stopped the music and cleared the stage. Click here to see.

An anouncement came over the speakers saying that the music would be starting up again soon, they just had to inspect the equipment so the musicians wouldn't get electrocuted. Jessica and I tried to find ways to warm up, seeing as how we had lost feeling in parts of our body. My socks were soaking wet and my feet were numb, so I took off my socks and used plastic bags instead. I rule.

Then The Tragically Hip came onstage and got the show going again, and I was very impressed. I'm not that familiar with their music, but now I'm going to have to be, because they were great performers. It was the good kick-start that the show needed to get everyone's spirits up again. Click here to see!

Next, The Shins performed, and they rocked my world, mainly because I have been listening to them nonstop lately, so I was really excited to see them play. Jessica and I sang along to every song, except for the one they did that hasn't yet been released.

Here is when things started getting a wee-bit tricky. The Flaming Lips were scheduled to perform next, but after 30 minutes of waiting, an anouncement came on anouncing that Ben Harper would be playing first,

Ooooh, nooooo...

See, the thing is, Ben Harper was supposed to be the closing act. My plan for last night was to camp with Emily, since Jessica had to drive back to Oregon last night. Emily and I were going to meet before Ben Harper's set, and then walk back to the campsite when it was over since I didn't know where the campsite was. But now, they had switched around the time-slots! And there were three different stages, and none of them were on the same schedule, and I knew, I just knew that this change of performers could lead to no good for the plan that Emily and I had so carefully orchestrated.

At this point, I was freezing, as was Jessica. Everything we had with us was absolutely soaked. Ben Harper's set was about to start, so I decided to run up and see if Emily was at our meeting place. But she wasn't. I figured that I should stay at that place so we weren't going in circles all night. Jessica decided to leave, since she had 6 hours of driving ahead of her, and I stood at the meeting spot and watched Ben Harper play.

Okay, so not to insult Mr.Harper-face, but oh my freakin-gosh, he played forEVER. Seriously, he just wouldn't stop!!! And yeah, he is good and everything, but I was so cold, and so tired, and after an hour of playing, every time he started a new song I would roll my eyes a little more.

Two hours later, (yep, TWO hours later), I decided to just call Emily to leave a message saying I was going to just go the campsite, because I was chattering and shaking and kind of getting scared at how cold I felt. So I pulled out my cell phone. And guess what? It was dead! Apparently, Avril (my phone) was tired and decided to go to sleep and not wake up. So I borrowed some guy's cell phone and left Emily a message saying... something. I don't remember what. Everything after this point is kind of a blur, since I was in some sort of weird daze.

Emily had texted me earlier saying the campsite was in "Row 2". I assumed she meant "Section 2". It hadn't yet occured to me yet that I don't know what her car looks like. Woops.

After I got to the campsite, I asked one of the employees for directions to Section 2. they told me where to go. They were wrong. So I asked another person. They were wrong. Oh, and the third person that I asked was wrong too. After I came to terms with the fact that nobody on the face of the Earth had the ability to tell me where Section 2 was, I went to the Campground Office, mainly just to be inside a shelter. I had been outside all day and all my layers (all 4 of them) were soaked, and I was SO freakin cold!

This part is a blur... I remember using the phone to call Emily and leaving her lots of messages... and being worried about where exactly I was going to sleep. The guy working there was being really rude, so I got nervous about using the phone. The gal that worked there, Amanda, was super nice, and she let me use the cell phones that had been turned into Lost and Found. I was worried about where I would sleep and how I would get back to Seattle, but more than that, I was worried that Emily thought I was dead.

Then, two gals came in the office that looked about my age, (later found out that one was 24 and the other was 31). They were sisters, Kelly and Terra, and they had lost their car. They were DRENCHED, and they had no layers, and they were soooo cold, and they had been walking around for 3 hours trying to find their car and were sure it had been stolen, and they came in the office to warm up. Amanda, (the employee-lady) felt bad for us and put our clothes in the dryer so they were momentarily warm, which was very much appreciated. We all started talking, (at this point is was about 2 AM), and Kelly and Terra asked where I lived and I said "Seattle" and they told me that if they found their car then I could sleep in it with them, and they also told me they would drive me back to Seattle because they were going there anyways. So I started hoping and hoping and hoping that they would find their car.

About half an hour later, Mr.Car-Parking-Guy (can't remember his name) came to say he would drive them around to find their car, since the office was closing. They said that they wanted me to come because we were a team. So we all went outside and there was this little car-cart thing,and we all got in. I got in the seat that was in the back, which was part of a trailer attached to the cart. I really really wanted to take a video of this... I was silently laughing to myself, thinking "how the hell did I get here?" But seeing as how these ladies were freaking out, I thought that might be a wee-bit insensitive. All was well, we were driving around, and then Mr.Car-Parking-Guy accelerated, and that's when we (I) learned that the latch was not properly secured. And that is when the trailer attachment, and ME, went flying off the back and on to the cement ground.

It happened so fast that I don't think I even realized what had happened until I was on the ground surrounded by people asking if I was okay. And I was (am) okay. But I was worried, because I know that I did fall really hard, and I have such a high pain tolerance that I was kind of worried that something was wrong that I just wasn't noticing. So I asked Kelly if I was bleeding anywhere, and she said no.

Then Mr.Car-Parking-Guy properly secured the latch (what a concept) and we were again on our way. 30 minutes later, we hadn't found the car. And Mr.Car-Parking-Guy left. He left!!! He left three frozen women all by ourselves in the dark!!! I mean, it isn't his job to babysit us, but how about a little human-to-human courtesy?!?

At this point we were SO COLD, and Kelly was exhausted, and Terra was freaking out about her car, which included all of their camping gear. That is when Terra said "This is the worst birthday EVER!" And I felt so bad for her!! Because it really was an awful feeling to be so helpless. There was literally nowhere for us to go! Well, that's not true. Three intoxicated "gentlemen" did offer us the "oppurtunity" to share a tent with them. Um... no. Then I remembered that Amanda told me that if we didn't find the car, we could stay in her campsite. Luckily I remembered where her campsite was, (despite the fact that I was a zombie at this point), and the three of us headed over in hopes of finding a place to sleep.

We found the campsite, called out Amanda's name, and she came out and was soooo sweet and nice and didn't at all act annoyed that we got her out of her tent at who-knows-what-hour of the morning. Kelly and Terra went into the tent with Amanda's friend (she is the only other person in the campsite). Then Amanda looked at me and said "Are you okay sharing a tent with me and my boyfriend?" I said I didn't care, and so I got cozy with them. Like a little happy family.

I was half-asleep all night, I think I only actually slept for about two hours. When I came out of the tent, there was Terra, and her CAR!!!! I was very happy about this, because it meant I wasn't stuck in the middle of nowhere. I called Emily (using Amanda's cell phone) and said that I had a ride and that I wasn't dead. Kelly, Terra, Amanda and I sat around the campsite for awhile and drank coffee and talked. Then, the three of us (Kelly, Terra and I) packed up the car and we were off!

We stopped to get a group picture, and to get some breakfast. Then we proceeded to Seattle.

The car ride was really nice. Kelly slept in the back and Terra and I talked and talked, about all sorts of stuff. We both were venting about things we are going through, and we both had lots of helpful tidbits of wisdom for eachother. It was weird, how it felt like the incidents of the night before had all happened for a reason... trippy. I got home a few hours ago, now I'm all thawed out. Yay.

So... there is one part of yesterday that I didn't write about, because I was saving it for last. While it was still sunny and warm, Iron and Wine played a set. I was soooo hoping that they would play The Trapeze Swinger, but I was trying not to get my hopes up. That song seriously might be my favorite song, and I really wanted to hear it live, but the more they played, the more I was doubting that they would play it. Then, at the very end of the set, the guy said "I'm going to play one more for you", and he said something about how it was going to be a long one, and I KNEW that meant it would be The Trapeze Swinger because that song is over 9 minutes long!!!

Needless to say, it was perfect. Absolutely perfect. I sat and listened and closed my eyes and just let the music sink in. It was still really warm, but a few rain drops started coming down, and the cold rain drops hitting my sun-soaked back felt so good... It's hard to write about this without sounding like a cheeseball so I'm just going to embrace the fact that this will be a cheeseball moment... but that song really gets me, like at the very core of who I am, that song hits me so deep. The lyrics break my heart in the best kind of way. It truly was a perfect moment, and it made all of the mishaps that followed completely worth it. Just sitting there at the gorge, with my eyes closed, smiling and at the same time feeling the occasional tear go down my cheek, feeling so many emotions all at once...

That is what music is all about. In my humble opinion.

Friday, May 26, 2006

"Always moving suits me fine, I catch my breath when I sleep..."

-Kasey Chambers

No time to write, lots going on, I'm crazzzeeeee, I saw Rachal today, Jessica is here right now, SASQUATCH is TOMORROW!!!!!!

Must go. Things to do people to see, you know the drill...

Lots of pictures on Sunday night. I promise.

Sunday, May 21, 2006

"Ask most people about their favorite movie and they can usually recite the last line to you. But hardly anyone ever remembers a movie's first line, how it all starts, where the fun truly begins."

Last night was fun. Lora-face came over and chatted with mommy and I for awhile, and then Lora and I headed off to her parent's house so I could try on my bridesmaid dress. It was soooo trippy being in that house! That house was seriously my second home when I was growing up, and it looked and smelled exactly the same, and Mrs.Spencer was there, and it was total blast from the past. Then Lora and I headed off to her house and I met her roomates, (one of which I already knew because I went to high school with him), and then we went to Papa Haydn's and had desert and talked about lots of stuff, and it was all around a fun night.

This morning before I headed back to Seattle, I went to the market with Mom and Bill. I took some pictures on the way...

First we went to see the Milwaukie Pig. He lives a few blocks away from my Mom's house and we all love him very much.

Then we drove by the Toxic Waste Field that is behind the Milwaukie Market Place. It really is an official Toxic Waste Field. It is also the same field that Lora and I used to pick berries from, and then Mrs.Spencer would make pies for us. Years later, the "Toxic Waste" status was declared. Might explain a few things...

We parked in downtown Milwaukie, and I took a picture of all that "is" downtown Milwaukie.

Oh wait, that made it look not-so-exciting. Here is a picture looking in the other direction.

This is where I used to go with my buddies for lunch when I was in high school.

Here are the Sweeners, approaching the Market.

Here is me, eating yummy fried Market-food. Mmmmmm...

And here is a picture of me and the cutest little fluffy-pancake-paperclip-feather-nose in the entire universe.

Saturday, May 20, 2006

"Michigan seems like a dream to me now..."

-Simon and Garfunkel, America

Before you continue to read this blog entry, you should click here to see what happens when Ernie is confronted with bubble wrap.

Yayyy for the Columbia River Gorge. It had been wayyy to long since the last time I had been there, so mom and I ventured out this morning to go see waterfalls and trees and other pretty things that make the world go round. And it was soooo great. The gorge is my ultimate comfort place, and it always has been.

Our first stop was Crown Point.

Then it was off to Multnomah Falls where we ate good food in the lodge, had fun with our digital cameras, and oh yeah, we also took a moment to look at the Waterfall. Click here to see the video!

Then we went to Horsetail falls, one of my favorite waterfalls in the gorge, because I have fond memories of swimming at the base of the waterfall. Cold, but fun! No swimming today though, just lots of waterfall-gazing, and it totally rocked my world.

Then, last but definitely not least, we were off to Cascade Locks to get some much needed ice cream. Click here to see the fun times that we had in the car.

When things are working right in the universe, a loss of innocence is usually followed, in time, by an increase in humanity...Time is funny like that. For everything it robs us of, it grants us something. Sometimes it's a new friend, sometimes it's a better understanding of ourselves. Sometimes, it's just a perfect day.