Hardcore Pepperocini

Tuesday, May 31, 2005

"I am sorting through old feelings like a box of old clothes, keep this, throw that out, give that one away..."

-Michelle Tea

I had a dream last night that I was back at the place that I lived in with The Boys during my Junior year at SOU. Danny was sitting in the corner and wasn't really an active part of the dream, but Dave and Chris were so happy to see me, and they kept saying "Finally, its like you're the old Erin that we knew", and Chris was holding Mouse and I was standing in my old room and I was so happy to be there with them. This is actually kind of a re-occuring dream. Its never been the SAME dream, but I always dream that I go back to that place, and at least one, if not all, of The Boys are there and they are always really happy to see me and I'm always really happy to see them. I wonder why I dream about that so much...

Anyways, this is random, but can I please say that I really love cereal? Because I really do. I've been eating it alot lately and it really makes me happy. I'm especially fond of Frosted Mini Wheats. When I was a sophmore in college, I loved Cinammon Toast Crunch. When Jessica and I would talk on the phone every night I would always eat it right out of the box until I felt sick. One night Rachal and I mixed it in with our Ben and Jerry's... maybe that was taking it a little far... My dad called me one time and left a message of him reading me the ingredients to Kix cereal. My mom broke a tooth on Grape Nuts. My dad used to change the Special K box so that it said "Special Katie". I had raisin bran every single morning that I was at Blue Lake. I don't tend to like cereals like Cocoa Crispies because I don't like how they make the milk change color. When I'm in the mood for something light, I love Crispix.

Okay, I'm glad I got all of that out of my system.

I was glancing at my blog from back in the day just now. Even though all the dates got erased when I ruined it, I can still tell when certain days were just because at this time last year every day was significant in itself. Here is my entry that was a year ago from today:

"This isn't good or bad. It's just the way of things. Nothing stays the same."

I know that it has been a few days since I've last posted a blog, but I have had mucho stuffo going on. And I can't write much right now, because my shift starts in five minutes. But I thought I should post something so everyone knows that I'm still alive.

I just got out of my piano lesson. Gina has her lesson after me, so the three of us, (Alex, me, and Gina), always spend at least 10 minutes just sitting and talking about totally random stuff. Today as the three of us were chatting, it occured to me that NEVER again will I sit in Alex's office with him and Gina. Man, its just so weird. Everything is changing right now and meanwhile I keep reminding myself that I'm leaving in less than two weeks. Gees.

Thursday, May 26, 2005

"It is not dark, it is not light, it is just right..."

-Two Nice Girls

This is the first full day off that I have had in what seems like a million years. (But I think it is probably more like a couple weeks). Anyways, I got eight hours of sleep and woke up to absolutely gorgeous weather, and I am as happy as a duck. I don't know why I just wrote that I was happy as a duck... are ducks happy? Well, they are now, because I say so.

I get to see my sister a week from Saturday! YAY!!! And Gina is going to arrive in Seattle on July 9th! YAY!!! And me and my mommy are having our grad party soon and I'll get to see my family, and all of the people that I love! YAY!!!

Okay, I got all the "Yays" out of my system. For now.

I can play through my entire Mozart concerto now, and I'm now in the process of learning the orchestra part for Gina's concerto. There are no words for how excited I am to see Gina again. I have missed her soooo much. Just knowing that she'll be back in LESS than two months (!) has totally given my musical inspiration a push. After I finish up here at the library, I'm going to go home, watch my Olga DVD, and then play piano to my little heart's content.


Monday, May 23, 2005

"Slow down, you're doing fine..."

-Billy Joel, Vienna

I'm tired. Today started out kinda stressful. First of all, I woke up at 4 AM. I'd love to tell you why, but I'm not really sure. And I couldn't get back to sleep. I finally just got out of bed at 6:30 after staring at my ceiling for 2 and a half hours, and got ready to go to work. Then I went to open the store and soon after got a message from my mommy saying that the graduation anouncements that I have been waiting and waiting for have been at my apartment office for weeks! (According to the UPS people that she talked to this morning). I found this incredibly annoying because I called the office last week and asked them to check and they said they weren't there. GRRRR... So I called the office and the guy that answered was really rude and acted so put out that he had to check for a package. Yeah, that must've been REALLY freakin tough for him to do. He even said "Didn't you call a week ago?" And I NICELY said "Yes, but I would like someone to check again", and from the tone in his voice I think he might've thought that was the end of the world, but he somehow found the strength to go check for my package. And guess what? It was there. GRRRR.....

So that stressed me out. Then, right as my deep breathing excersises were starting to calm me down, I got another phone call from Old Navy. (Have I mentioned I got a second job there? Well, I did). They called asking where I was. I found this very confusing, since I'm scheduled for Tuesdays and Wednesdays, and today is Monday. It turned out it was all a mix up that was a result of a bundle of misunderstandings, and they weren't even the least bit mad about it, but it still stressed me out.

Oh well.

I found a new place! I'm going to go put down the deposit on it tomorrow. But that is all I can write about that for now. I will write more later when it is safe... don't ask.

I must head toward my apartment now. Because that is where my lovely bed is waiting for me.

Saturday, May 14, 2005

"Home, where my thought's escaping, home, where my music's playing, home, where my poodle lies waiting silently for me."

-"Homeward Bound", Simon and Garfunkel. (I may have changed the lyrics a bit).

Yep, I'm in Milwaukie. It will be a brief visit. Amber-face was planning to drive up to Seattle on Monday and I have the weekend off, so I figured I may as well come down and have time with my mommy and my poodle! True, I'll be here again in less than a month, but that will be a crazy insane time, and I wanted calm insane time. So here I am!

Anyways, I had a revalation when I was on the greyhound this morning. I am a coffee addict. That in itself isn't much of a revelation, I mean come on people, we all know that if I don't have coffee in the morning then you don't want to be anywhere near me. But this morning I realized that I have become, in many ways, like the "greyhound people" that have annoyed me for so long.

I have never been able to stand those smokers on the bus that are holding their tobacco-sticks ten minutes before the next stop, looking like they are about to claw their way through the side of the bus. The ones that you hear saying "I can't believe we have to wait THREE MORE HOURS before the next smoking break." It annoys me so bad.

Until today. I slept for the first part of the bus ride, then after an hour I woke up and immediatly started developing a headache. I remembered that we had a stop coming up in about twenty minutes, so I got out my $1.50 and clutched it like there was no tomorrow, silently assuring myself that the coffee would be coming soon, and that dizzy feeling that was pounding inside my head would soon go away.

I looked across the isle and saw a guy clutching his cigarette and began to roll my eyes, thinking "Could he be more pathetic?" Then I looked down at the money that was contained in my tight fist, which was starting to shake slightly, and I realized that I was no different.

You might be thinking that this whole episode made me rethink how much coffee I need to consume.

But no... it just made me rethink how much I judge other people's addictions.

Monday, May 09, 2005

"Wait, before you tell me about this bar, I need to get more ice for my whiskey."


I worked until 8 PM on Saturday night, and due to the funky weekend bus schedule, I had an hour to kill. So I went to a bar that is right by my bus stop that I have always wanted to go to. I ordered a double-vodka tonic that was SUPER good and SUPER cheap. Both very good things! When it was time to leave to catch my bus, I stepped outside and was immediatly confronted by some guy who was already drunk enough to be slurring his words, and he kept saying "Come on beautiful, let me buy you a drink." Gah. Ugh. Ick.

Then I went to the bus stop and called Adam and told him about this recent chain of bar-events, and his response was "Man. Somebody calls you beautiful and buys you a drink. I wish I had your problems." So I stopped complaining.

I had tofu the other day and forgot how much I love that stuff, so I just went to my neighborhood grocery store, and they don't sell tofu! Grrr.... Oh, but have you all tried these? They're soooo good. Oh, and speaking of soooo good, cookies are sooooo good. And speaking of Cookies, have you heard about this nonsense? What is this world coming to? Seriously!

The Zachlet is at outdoor school for the week, and I am SO jealous that he is at Camp Namanu. I would love to be there right now. I miss that place so much.

But its okay, I won't be sad, because one of my guilty pleasures is on tonight. And that always helps.

Thursday, May 05, 2005

"Guys always say that women talk about their periods too much. Considering how often it happens, I don't think we talk about enough!"

-Some stand-up comedy tape that Dave and Chris used to watch.

Its that time of the month where I get really depressed and sad because my hormones decide that they need to entertain themselves by making all of my emotions rise to the surface. Hip-hip-hooray. At least I know its hormonal. That's kind of comforting I guess. I've read alot of articles saying that there is actually a pretty large number of women who go on anti-depressants just for these few days out of the month. I don't want to do that though... but its good to know that other women go through this.

I must find chocolate... soon.

Anyways, here are some pictures from the day that I moved to Seattle. Sorry that they are sideways. I'm not smart (or motivated) enough to figure out how to turn them the right way.

Here is me in front of my apartment.

Here is my kitchen. It looks different now, because on top of those cupboards above the stove, I have a huge line of pez dispensers. They make me happy.

And this is me hooking up my DVD player, which I did all by myself.

So there.

Hey Meagan, remember "That's what floors are floor?" That night when "everything" kinda started? That was a year ago from today! I was bored last night and looking through my journal.

That was a fun night, but in my current state of mind that thought isn't exactly an upper.

Sigh... I'll be back in a few days when my body is back to normal.

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

"Here with the family, we'll be together at Christmas..."

-I dunno who said this...

Someone is screaming really loud outside right now. I think there is a fight going on. Just an average Seattle day... Did I really live in Ashland before this?

Let's see, it took me forever to get my pictures right, so I'll try to do a quick summary. I got to spend all of Saturday with Dad and Karen, which was super-duper fun, I might get a second job at Old Navy, (I had an interview today), I've been writing alot, I finished the Great Gatsby and it was WAY better the second time, Adam actually answered one of those survey things that I have been trying to get him to answer for the last four years (not on his blog though), I get to see my sister AND Meagan in a month, and I'm frantically trying to find a place to live so I'm not homeless when my lease runs out at the end of June.

And that sums it up!

Okay, this is going to deeply sadden all of you, but this is the last of the Pez Christmas pictures. Too bad so sad.

Let's get the ball rolling with a very Christmas-card-esque picture of me and my siblets.

And here is a much more true-to-life picture:

If this resemblance isn't terrifying, I don't know what is:

Scotty and Zachlet hard at work, as Simon looks on...

Vodka. And Karen.


The Scottmeister.

And last but not least, once again, the vodka.

Monday, May 02, 2005

"Jack be nimble, Jack be quick, take a ride on the West Coast kick, Holiday road..."

-Holiday Road