Hardcore Pepperocini

Friday, April 29, 2005

"People disappeared, reappeared, made plans to go somewhere, and then lost each other, searched for each other, found each other a few feet away."

-The Great Gatsby

Now that I actually have time to read all the books that I want to, I'm finding poodle amounts of joy in re-reading books, which is something that I don't usually do. Yesterday I started
The Great Gatsby for the second time and I'm absolutely loving it. I hadn't read it since high school. I'm also reading The Mozart Effect, which is actually pretty interesting.

Tomorrow I'm going to spend the day with Dad and Karen! Which means that today I'm going to be cleaning my apartment and making cookies.

I'm going to start posting the remaining set of Pez Holiday pictures in clumps, because I'm hoping to get a digital camera soon, in which case I'll have mucho pictures, so I figure I better get the
Pez Holiday Collection done now.

Here is
Scotty and I at Starbucks. We're probably talking about something really important.

Here is
the result of the Moses and Jesus action figures that I gave Scotty for Christmas.

Next we have
The Mommy. Notice that A Christmas Story is on TV. We had it on for pretty much the whole day, even if it was on mute.

Here are
the siblets!

Here is me looking
really excited.

And last but ABSOLUTELY not least, here is the
most precious poodle-lemonbar-hazelnut that I have EVER seen. (The POODLE, you silly people, not the BEAR)!!!

Monday, April 25, 2005

"My friends will be waiting on the other side of the bridge..."


I thought it would be appropriate to use a Tori quote since she was here on Friday, practically ACROSS the street from where I work. And I couldn't go see her. But I'm fine. Really. I'm not bitter. REALLY.

Okay, here are the last two pictures from the Limelight on New Years Eve. NOT the last two pictures from X-mas break, but just from that night.

Here is Scotty and Rebecca:

And here is a picture that Rebecca took during a Pez sibling/cousin ritual. I could tell you what the ritual is... but then I'd have to kill you.

Anyways, I just got off of work and decided to drop by the library before I headed home. And I just got my OFFICIAL library card because I finally brought in proof that I am a Washington Resident. Weird. That means that I can check out up to a hundred items at a time. I'm way too excited about this. I have been falling in love with reading lately. Having so much time to read all of the books that I have always wanted to read is by far the best thing about not being a student. In these last few days I re-read
Catcher in the Rye, because I hadn't read it in six or seven years, and I forgot what a great book that is. And its funny, the main character makes constant references to Return of the Native and how much he loves that book! How trippy is that? Pretty gosh darn trippy if you ask me.

Friday was a great day. I didn't have to work until 5 PM and I was going to just stay home and practice, but I had a very strong need to get outside and wander around
the city. So that is exactly what I did. And it was so much fun! Seattle is beautiful, it really is. And I walked by a doggy daycare, which in itself was enough to make my day. After I spent over an hour wandering the streets I went to The Market and hung out there, then had just enough time to get my bangs trimmed before work. I still love my bangs. I still do a double-take every time I see my reflection.

Yesterday was fun. I learned alot of piano music. I'm not even sure why, because I remember thinking that I felt unfocused and that it was going to be a very unproductive day. But I worked on the Sarabande and Tocatta from Debussy's Pour Le Piano, and the 1st and 2nd movements of my Mozart concerto. It was awesome.

I got an e-mail from
Aly yesterday asking to call her, and I did, and we talked for the first time in months, and I'm so glad. Aly and I are totally connected. We both recently broke up with someone who turned our hearts in a million different directions. That someone's name is Ashland.

I also got a phone call from Rachal today! I'm going to call her tomorrow. It was great to hear from her.

That's all for now. Loves and poodles!

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

"I'd never yell 'Good Luck!' at anybody. It sounds terrible, when you think about it."

-Catcher in the Rye

Wow, can you believe it? A new blog entry, two days in a row! Life doesn't get more exciting than this. Here is yet another New Years Eve picture: Me and Amber, making a very serious decision about what our next drink should be.

I wasn't going to blog today, but then I recieved this e-mail from my sister and decided that I needed to do it and post it on my blog. So there.

*What time is it? 1:19 PM
*Piercing: Ears. Just one hole in each ear. I got them pierced when I was 4.
*How many tattoos do you have: Two
*What is the most recent movie you've seen in the theater: Um... I dunno... It might've been the Polar Express with my mommy-face.
*Eye Color: Hazel
*Place of Birth: Portland, Or.
*Favorite food: Carbs.
*Ever been toilet papering: I don't think so. But you never know.
*Love someone so much it made you cry: Sure.
*Been in a car accident: Not while I was driving : )
*Croutons or bacon bits: Why do I have to choose?
*Favorite day of the week: The days where I don't have to work!
*Favorite restaurant: Shari's!!! Shush. I'm from Milwaukie.
*Favorite flower: The pretty kind???
*Favorite sports to watch: Psh.
*Favorite Drink: non-alc? COFFEE! (I'll stick with my sister's answer). Jessica, SERIOUSLY.
*Alcohol: Vodka tonic, unless I want my drink to be pretty, in which case Vodka Cranberry.
*Favorite ice cream: The twix flavored kind. MMMM.....
*Disney or Warner Brothers: Disney
*Favorite fast food restaurant: Does Subway count?
*What color is your bedroom carpet: I guess it's beigeish.
*How many times did you fail your driver's test? I got my permit on the first time. I never got my license. Blah.
*Before this one, from who did you get your last e-mail: Meagan!
*Which store would you choose to max out your credit card: Target
*What do you do most often do when you are bored: I don't get bored. Seriously, I don't think I've ever been bored. Is that weird?
*Where is one place you want to go where you have never been before? The Swiss Alps.
*Bedtime: Anywhere from 10 PM to 2 AM.
*Who will respond to this email the quickest: Usually I'd say my sister, but I got this from her. Sigh.
*Who is the person that you sent this to that is least likely to respond: Adam, because he is a heartless bastard, and Adam, I KNOW THAT YOU ARE READING THIS! But you'll act like you never did. You are a heartless bastard.
*Who are you most curious about their responses to this questionnaire: Adam. Because he must have something to hide...
*Favorite TV shows: The only TV show on right now that I can get on my four channels that I like is America's Next Top Model. But I watch my Sex in the City and Felicity DVDs over and over and never get sick of them. And of course, Party of Five.
*Ford or Chevy: Huh?
*What are you listening to right now: Nothing. I'm in the library. That would be very rude of me to put music on. I hear an airplane outside. Does that count?
*What is your favorite color: lately? Purple, red, green, earthtones.
* What came first : chicken or the egg ? : ERNYEST!!!
*How many people are you sending this email to: I haven't decided yet. I'm about to go do that.
*Time you finished this email: 1:28 PM

Wasn't that fun?

Yeah, whatever...

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

"Five hundred twenty-five thousand six hundred minutes, five hundred twenty-five thousand moments so dear..."

-Rent, Seasons of Love

I'm very bitter that the picture of Scott and Sean still isn't showing up. But O-la-dee O-la-da, life goes on, as does my series of Christmas break pictures, so here is a picture of Scotty and Rebecca.

I talked to Scotty for a little over an hour last night and asked him if he has read
Return of the Native. His response was "Is that like Return of the Jedi, but with Indians?" Sigh...

Yesterday after work, Stephanie picked me up downtown and gave me a ride home since she had to come get her mail anyways. We had a long chat about the different parts of Seattle and it gave me some really good insight into where I want to live when my lease is up in June.

I got a super sweet care package from Daun a few days ago. It had all of my favorite things. Top Ramen, wine, chocolate, soy crisps, books, it totally made my day!
One of the books is SO FUNNY, and you should all read it. And last night I got a tape from Jessica-nose in the mail of the best songs ever. Really! That is what it is called! "The best songs ever." It has been rocking my world for the last 24 hours.

It was totally fun to have Loro here! She picked me up downtown on Saturday night and we went to my place and drank wine, ate pizza and chocolate, and dyed our hair. (I have reddish-copper highlights now). Then Loro revealed that she has never seen Sex in the City, so I immediatly put in my new DVDs and now she is hooked. Heh. The next morning we went out to breakfast and we both ate to the point that we felt sick. It took half the day for me to feel like my stomach wasn't trying to explode.

That's all for now. Today is a day off so I think I'll go home and practice. I'm actually well on my way to having the Chopin Scherzo memorized.

On Sunday, the minute that I saw on my calendar that it was April 17th, I was reminded that my senior recital had been exactly a year ago. So I got out the book of Chopin Preludes and played through every single one. There were a few bumps, (okay, it was pretty much one big bump), but it was still fun.

If last year at this time someone would've told me everything that was about to happen, I would've looked them in the eye and told them that they were crazy.

I had no idea...

Thursday, April 14, 2005

"I wrote a note to tell you how you matter, when the rain came down all the letters scattered..."

-Patty Griffin, "Peter Pan"

I was just in the grocery store by my place and in one of the isles their was a sample plate of hummus and tortilla chips, with a little sign that said "Hummus is just like bean dip, it is just made with a different kind of beans." That made me laugh. I just think it is so funny that I moved from Ashland, a town where hummus is the staple that holds the world together, to South Seattle, where there is a sign assuring consumers that it is just a form of bean dip.

My mommy just found out that she will be a grad teaching assistant! It will pay for all of her grad school! Mommy is a genuis!!!!!!

So, guess what I did today? I got bangs! And I LOVE THEM!!! And I also got about a million layers cut into my hair so it is all choppy and wavy, but still long. I've been going crazy lately because I am so used to dying my hair every month, which I have been doing since I was in 8th grade. (It all started when I fell in love with the show "My So-Called Life"). Anyways, I haven't died my hair since the end of January because I eventually want highlights and am trying to give all the dye a chance to get out of my hair. Lately it has really been getting to me and I just wanted to do something to alter my physical appearance. I actually thought about another tattoo or a piercing, but decided it would be too much money. So I got bangs! I have never had bangs, except for when I was four. That didn't go so well. Katie and Scott would relentlessly call me "Egyptian Warhead." I'm not sure why. It really makes no sense. But they just loved calling me that, and I would cry and they would laugh... they're MEAN.

But I love my bangs!!! I look so different! So much fun!!! I wish I still had the picture pack on my phone, but I got rid of it in an attempt to save $15 a month. You will all just have to wait.

In other news, I made an exciting discovery that has changed my life for the better: Chocolate covered sour-gummy-cherries. SO GOOD. They sell them in the candy store in the mall, right next to the chocolate covered cookie dough. Oh man, chocolate is so beautiful.

Next New Year's picture: Scott and Sean. Isn't this fun?

Loro will be here on Saturday night! She is working in Olympia that day until 8 PM, and I am working that day until 8 PM as well, so we'll meet up after that and go to my place and eat chocolate covered gummy bears and party it up like rockstars. Because that is what we are. Rockstars.

Monday, April 11, 2005

"Believe me, sweet, I could weep to a degree that would astonish and confound such an elastic mind as yours."

-From "Return of the Native"

Return of the Native is the Thomas Hardy book that I am currently reading, and I LOVE Thomas Hardy. I always have, but it has been awhile since I read one of his books, so I think I had forgotten how much he absolutely rocks my world. And I think there are only a couple of his books that I still haven't read, which is kind of sad. I guess I could tackle his poetry after I finish his novels.

Guess what I did on Saturday? I hung out with piano people! And I played for them, and they played for me, and it was so much fun! I played "Pavane for a dead princess" by Ravel, and my Haydn Sonata. It was at UW and I got there super early because I had a feeling that I would get lost on the campus, which I did, but because I got there so early I had plenty of time to wander around and explore. That campus is so pretty. Anyways, it was really fun meeting with the other piano poodles. It was a very laid back setting and it totally motivated me to learn the Chopin Scherzo for next month's meeting. Oh, and I talked to Stefanie last night and she gave me the name of a lady who knows muchos piano teachers here. And Gina just sent me the name of an online piano forum that she says is really cool.

As a fun little treat, I'm going to start posting the photos from x-mas break that Rebecca sent me in the order that they were taken. So here is me dancing by myself at the bar on New Years, just so my sister would buy me a drink.

Sometimes I really can't believe how cool I am.

Friday, April 08, 2005

I finally found a website where I can post pictures!

Here is me and my sister-face on New Years. I'm taking a picture of my brother taking a picture or me, because I'm SO cool!

And here is Gammie and I on Christmas. Well actually it was New Years... don't ask. We have weird schedules.

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

"The Lorax said nothing. Just gave me a glance... just gave me a very sad, sad backward glance..."

-The Lorax

I wasn't planning on blogging today. I was just going to come to the library and catch up on my e-mail and catch up on reading other blogs.

But then I was reading my sister's blog and I saw this.

There really isn't anything to say that describes what I'm feeling, other than the fact that there is a lump growing in my throat and a sick feeling in my stomach.

I honestly can't believe this. I know that many people today have lost the concept of how great the environment is, but I am still shocked.

Cascade Locks is one of those places that I hold so tight in my memory because just knowing that it is there is a comfort. It is where Jacob and I spent one of my last days before I left for Michigan because it is one of the places that I knew I would miss the most, it is where my family has been so many times that I lost count many many years ago, it is where I always fantasized about growing old with my sister. It is sacred.

I'm so sad about this. If I wasn't in the library, I would give in to the lump in my throat and start to cry.

Friday, April 01, 2005

"Everything in life that we really accept undergoes a change. So suffering must become love. That is the mystery."

-Katherine Mansfield

I got a phone call from my boss this morning saying that I have August 5th through August 10th off, which means that I not only get to go to Ashland in August, but I will actually have time to do all sorts of Ashland things! I'm sooooo excited! (By the way, when I just went to that link the picture made me miss Ashland so much that it hurts.) And on top of THAT, my sister-face just e-mailed me with the offical dates that she will be here in June before we go to Milwauke to have a GREAT TIME!!! (I'm so excited sister)!!!

Its April Fools Day, which naturally makes me think of my Mommy. Not because I think she is a fool, (heh), but because as a mother she always found ways to have fun with this holiday. One time she baked rags into the middle of our pancakes so when we tried to cut into them we couldn't. Actually, Katie and I couldn't, but Scotty could. Scott actually ate his pancake... we never figured that one out. Another time, my mom sent Katie to school with a lunch full of fake plastic food and Katie had to go to the school office to get her real lunch. Oh, and let's not forget the time that mom put crisco in our oreos. These are just some of the many instances I can recall...

Meagan recently did a blog about how much she loves the Cosby show. Although I'm not a big fan of watching TV, I do have a few shows, (most of which don't air on TV anymore), that I just can't get enough of. "Gilmore Girls" is one of them, as is "Sex in the City" and "My So-Called Life". It doesn't matter what mood I'm in, these shows always do it for me.

But the one show that I really can't get enough of is Party of Five. And I can't even pinpoint why. But I have a pile of video tapes filled with episodes of that show, and I have had these tapes in my possesion since my frosh year of college and I still never tire of watching these same episodes over and over. Just this morning I was watching the episode where Daphne leaves Charlie, (major drama), and I was thinking to myself "Man, I love this show."

I was also thinking to myself, "Why don't I have these on DVD?"

Questions to ponder...