Hardcore Pepperocini

Sunday, January 30, 2005

"The thing about Milwaukie is that even though it might be a shitty place to live, we're all in it together. That's the essence."


After Amber got her car out of the ditch and the scary dogs stopped threatening her life, we walked to the Whichita Pub and had lots of yummy drinks. Then there was a bit of a scuffle at the pool table next to us when "that white skank with the afro" stole some girl's man. (You know how that is). Then there was some very impressive, flexible "dancing" nearby. Then Amber and I sat at our table with Amber's radio-active drink and our fried ravioli and talked about why it is okay to still have some good feelings for the people that everyone tells us we should hate. Then they anounced the bar was closing so Amber and I went in the bathroom where there were two girls making out in one of the stalls. (Naturally). Then a group of girls proceeded to have a conversation about their baby's father. You didn't read that wrong. There were three women who all had children from the same father. And for the record, one of them gets nauseus "every time that bastard wets his lips." Then Amber and I walked home singing the new ode to Milwaukie and talking about how much we love this place.

And we weren't kidding. We love this place.

Thursday, January 27, 2005

"I wish you the best but I could do without it, and I will because you've worn me down..."

-Rachael Yamagata

I only got to practice for about an hour yesterday which was kind of a bummer, but I did get alot of moving-preperations done. Amber-face came over in the evening and we walked to Shari's and ate yummy Milwaukie food. We love Shari's. It is our favorite place to go, even when we aren't in Milwaukie. Then we went to Blockbuster because I was hoping that by some miracle they would have Almost Famous for sale, but they didn't. Sigh.

I'm really excited to move. Its totally stressful that I don't have a job waiting for me, but I'm still really excited. And I miss my CDs. I have a few accessible, as many that would fit in my CD wallets, but I have around 400 CDs so there are alot that I have been missing. On top of that, I'm just ready to be on my own again. Its what I am used to. But its been nice to have this month with my mommy-face. And Amber. I wish Amber would come to Seattle with me. I actually almost had her convinced, but I think reality is holding her back. Shucks.

I woke up today with the Mozart concerto that I want to learn stuck in my head! This is a very good thing! That means that I have listened to it enough that I know it to the point where I can hear it without the CD. I'm excited to learn it. Its really cool. And when Gina gets to Seattle on July 10th, I'll be ready to play it with her! Hopefully...

So, check out this dream that I had last night. I was in Milwaukie, but my dad's house was in Milwaukie, and Zachary was in the street dodging cars. Then we looked out the window and there was a big herd of apes, like at least 100 of them, and they were all wearing yellow diapers and running down the middle of the street. I asked my dad "What the hell is going on", and he calmly explained that every year the apes have a marathon to raise money for local charities. Then Amber showed up and we decided to go say hi to Ms.Ashmon, so all of the sudden we appeared in her backyard. (Naturally). Jerome was there with some girl that I haven't seen before, and we waved and went inside and drank red juice with Ms.Ashmon. Then Jerome and his girl came inside and he asked me if I was married, and I laughed, and then he looked really offended and walked out of the room. Then I went into one of the bedrooms and there was Coral and Arrisa from the Road Rules/ Real World Challenge, and they were sitting on the bed and arguing. They were arguing so much that they didn't see me in the room, so I sat on the bed in the corner and just watched them. Then all of the sudden these HUGE worms were all over the bed, and crawling on me. They were the size of HUGE snakes, but they were worms. EEEEEEEEEEE!!!! I wanted to scream, but I didn't want the girls to hear me, so I frantically ran out of the room, and when I got outside I was outside of Campbell elementary school, running along the side of railroad. Then an ape that must've fallen behind frantically ran past me, so I pulled the "ape emergency rope" that was on the lightpost next to me. (Because what else are you supposed to do when an ape runs past you). But I pulled the wrong rope, (drat), and accidently pulled the "Great Gatsby rope", which caused a reading of "The Great Gatsby" to be broadcast across Milwaukie, which made everyone start yelling at me.

Everyone has had that dream, right?

Wednesday, January 26, 2005

"I could never steal you from another, its such a shame our friendship had to end, I only wanted to see you underneath the purple rain."

-Purple Rain

So here's the story folks. I'm not at all in the mood to blog. But I talked to Jessica-face last night and she was very dissapointed that she didn't have a new blog to read yesterday, so I promised her that I would blog today. So that's the story behind this blog. Isn't that just absolutely fascinating?

I haven't been in the mood to blog lately, but I've been writing page after page in my journal. I've been having all sorts of thoughts about my life but they aren't the kind of feelings that I like to blog about. I like to use my blog as a sort of update for my friends. Like Jessica said, "Erin, your blog is like your daily e-mail to me!" But I don't like to get too personal. That is what e-mail is for. Plus, I'm not exactly sure who all reads this. But I know all of the people that could read it if they want to... in a nutshell, my thoughts in the last week haven't been bloggish type thoughts. And yes, bloggish is a word.

Okay, now that I have managed to write an entire paragraph about nothing, I'll go on. Right now I'm watching my mom's "My So-Called Life" DVDs. I love this show. And I love the Gilmore Girls! My mommy and I were so excited for the new episode last night, even though the scene on the preview that made me excited won't be until next week's episode. Drat.

Umm... what else do I have to say? ... I've been playing piano alot. I learned another Czerny excersise, and I started a Bach Fugue, and I'm memorizing the scherzo. I think I finally picked a concerto to learn, but I'm not sure. There are just SO MANY awesome piano concertos. I think I'll just pick this one because otherwise I'll never decide. Its cool. Its a Mozart concerto, and its all happy and cute. Like Ernie.

I move in six days. I used to be so afraid of change, now I thrive off of it. I used to be afraid of things ending, now if I don't know when the ending is going to be, it freaks me out.

Okay, I'm signing off.

Sunday, January 23, 2005

"I'm gonna stop at every bar and flirt with the cowboys in front of their girlfriends."

-Rosie Thomas

I was talking to my sister-face yesterday, and she said something so cute and funny that I have to write about it. It was in reference to the Indigo Girls song called "Mystery". Its a GREAT beautiful song, and there is a re-occuring line that says "I could go crazy on a night like tonight, when summer is beginning to give up her fight." So my sister was going to turn it on and she said "I have to put on the 'spring can come quickly' song." I thought that was so cute. The song says nothing about spring coming quickly! Maybe that is in the sequel.

Another random funny incident came about when I was text-messaging with Meagan. We text-messaged back and forth a few times about a book that she is reading. Then a couple of hours later, I got a text-message from her that said "I named it Juicy". I was very perplexed, and messaged her back asking "Named what Juicy?" She never got back to me, and I was very confused. But she e-mailed me later, and it was quite humerous. So humerous that she posted the e-mail on her blog. Meagan is funny.

Last night I saw Scotland! The person, not the place. I hadn't seen Scot since June, because he has been in Europe. The last time I had seen him was in the SOU computer lab when he said "We don't have to say good-bye now, I'll see you before I go." But we never saw eachother because I was pretty occupied at that time. It was really fun to see him last night, although I felt like we didn't really get to talk much because of the loud environments we ended up in. First we went to a bar called "Gators", because Amber and I wanted a quick drink. But the bar was SO LOUD. Why do bars do that? Who decided that people like not being able to hear eachother talk? Grrr... Then we went to the house of one of Scot's friends. There were alot of people there, and there was a poker game going in the living room, and there was a weird drinking game taking place on the back patio, and constant people coming in and out, and some army movie playing on the TV. It seemed like every 5 minutes, somebody was asking us to participate in one of the activities, and I was just like "I haven't seen him since June!" Gees.

Anyways, he kept asking me what I had been up to and I just kept saying "nothing" and asking him about Europe, because I'm so envious that he got to travel. I got the outline of his travels, where he went, who he met, and a few quirky stories, and I'm so jealous! I want to go to Europe! I want to go to Switzerland. I've always wanted to. Because it is pretty. And my mommy says that I have to go to Ireland since my name is Erin.

A couple of nights ago I played "Lord of the Rings" monopoly with Mom and Bill because we are really cool and we know how to party. At one point, banker Bill knocked all of the money onto the floor. As mommy helped him pick it up (and I just sat and watched), she slipped me a couple hundred dollars. And she slipped herself some to. Bill never noticed. Mom and I decided that it wasn't cheating because Bill still ended up winning. So it wasn't cheating. Right?

I now not only can play the 36th Czerny excersise, but I have it memorized! And I think I'll have the scherzo memorized soon too. I play music SO much better when it is memorized. Its so much easier to get into it when your eyes aren't tracing little black dots across a page.

Why isn't there a channel that plays Gilmore Girls 24 hours a day?

Friday, January 21, 2005

"Here's a toast to all those who hear me all to well"

-Eve 6

The weather in Milwaukie today is BEAUTIFUL. Its kinda chilly, but really sunny and pretty. I went for a long walk wearing just jeans and a tank top and it felt really good. I walked by the Ashmon's house, which still looks exactly the same. The bag-lady's house across the street is all boarded up and looks dead. I know you think that a house can't look dead, but it can. And then I went to walk by the Tabor's house, only to find that it was torn down, because there is a house there but it has no resemblance to the Tabor's house. And the King Road Pharmacy area is hideous. They put in this huge building that just looks awful and out of place. Ick. But other than all of that, the walk was really nice and pretty.

Jessica's birthday is tomorrow! I've already sent her a card that is sweet enough to rot your teeth, but I know that she reads this, so I thought I'd list some memorable quotes from one of my favorite poodles in the whole wide world:

"YOU'RE a shut-up!"
"I LOVE Liz and Stephanie!"
"Um, I must have a wrong number, I'm looking for Linda..."
"Men are Pigs." (But in German)
"Can I just interrupt to say that I'm sorry for interrupting?
"I know how to make strawberries!"
"Whateva! I do what I want!"
"Isn't he so cute? Don't you just want to lick him?"
"Shhh... This is the quiet room."
"This is a display area right here."
"You tore my heart out!"

Oh, how I could go on... I love you Trevor!

Thursday, January 20, 2005


Mommy, you are the strongest person that I know and I have so much respect and admiration for you. I love how you are so intelligent but also extremely goofy. I love spending time with you and being silly in public. And at home. Pretty much being silly all the time. I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you!

Even though you keep trying to cast spells on me.

You are a total poodle.

Tuesday, January 18, 2005

"I have a very unique vocal style. Its broadway meets pop-rock meets jazz meets R&B."

-American Idol

Okay, so before I begin let me make it very clear that I am not a "fan" of American idol. But I LOVE the first episode of every season. It never fails to entertain me how the WORST singers are always the MOST shocked when they are rejected. My mom and I watched the two hour premiere tonight and at one point I was laughing so hard that I had to look away from the TV and block out the noise because I was in pain from laughter. It reminded me of the trumpet audition that Alex downloaded last year. Apparently it was from some college in Boston that was holding scholarship auditions, and somehow it got on the internet. Alex played it for me and Gina one day, (and numerous days after that), and it always made me laugh SO hard. It made Alex laugh so hard that he snorted, which in itself amuses me to no end. Every time a lesson got tense, or discouraging, or just boring, Alex would play that audition. He always had it ready. And it was just as funny every time.

My fourth year was really fun because I had the second to the last lesson of the day, and Gina had the last lesson. So she would come in at the end of my lesson, (which always went overtime), and the three of us would sit and talk and listen to the trumpet audition, and Alex would start playing and he always looked like he was having so much fun. That first part of my senior year, the whole year up until my senior recital was over, I think that was the happiest time of my life. Gina and I would meet at the studio that she practiced in downtown and play and listen to classical music, and then we'd go downstairs to the bar and talk about music all night. It was great. We even managed to get Vernon and Ginger to hang out with us a couple of times. Everything was about music. That's the mindset I need to get myself into again.

I remember the day that Gina and I realized that by the time I got back from Michigan, she would already be in France. We both got all emotional and I said "How am I going to practice without having you across the hall?" And she said "Don't you worry, one day you'll be practicing and I'll just knock on your door." And I said "But Gina, I won't be in Ashland anymore!" And she said "Don't worry, I'll find you."

Tomorrow I'm going to hang out in Portland and have lunch with Mommy and Valerie. Then Amber and I are going to visit some of the Milwaukie Pubs. I'm trying to get in quality time before I leave. Again.

Sunday, January 16, 2005

"The world forgetting, by the world forgot. Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind! Each pray'r accepted, and each wish resign'd..."

-Alexander Pope

I've been watching the Red Carpet/Golden Globe madness since about 4 PM. I'm still watching it right now. And I have a tangent. (I know, shocking...) Why is it that whenever Jim Carrey is in a movie, the movie, along with all of its cast members, is put into the comedy category? True, "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind" is somewhat odd and quirky at parts, but I would never CLASSIFY it as a comedy! They did the same thing with Man On the Moon. Ugh. It really annoys me. What does Jim Carrey have to do to get the respect that he deserves? Grrr...

Okay, I feel better now.

I was pretty non-active this weekend. Yesterday I didn't have a choice, seeing as how the ice was so bad that we couldn't drive OR walk anywhere. Today it was better but I still stayed inside. I got alot of practicing done which felt great. I wanted to play all day, but my arms were demanding otherwise. Tomorrow I'll start acting like a human again and get out of the house. Luckily I have a body that demands me to be somewhat on the move. If I don't walk for at least an hour a day, my knees throb like you wouldn't believe.

That's all I'm in the mood to write about at the moment. Except I wanted to share this passage from a book that I was reading tonight. Everyone in my family is a writer except for me. But I do love writing. I really think I'll start writing songs, which will be especially easy since I'll be living by myself and won't be paranoid about being overheard. You know, its never preferable to have anyone hear your art when it is only in its beginning stages. At least that is how it is for me. Because everytime I start a piece of music, or a new writing, I have a very clear idea of how I want it to come out, and how it is meant to sound. And when somebody hears it BEFORE it is how I think it should be, I feel like I'm cheating them.

I'm going to stop myself before I go on a tangent, because its only a matter of time before I get on the subject of piano and how it all floats around in my head, and that will lead to a blog that will go down in history as the longest blog ever. The point that I was originally trying to make, (before my mind took over), was that I am not a writer. But every now and then I'll read something that gives me chills in the same way that music does. So this is a passage that I read tonight that literally brought tears to my eyes. I'm not sure why... but I guess "why" doesn't really matter, does it?

OUR STORY - by William Stafford
Remind me again--
together we trace our journey,
find eachother,
come on laughing.
Some time we'll cross where life ends.
We'll both look back as far as forever,
that first day.
I'll touch you--
a new world then.
Stars will move a different way.
We'll both end.
We'll both begin.
Remind me again.

Saturday, January 15, 2005

"My, isn't the moonlight terrible?"

-Emily, in "Our Town"

I'm moving! Again! I move to Seattle on February 1st. I totally lucked out and found a cheap 1 bedroom sublet that will take me through the end of June. By then I figure I'll have a better feel for Seattle and know what area I want to live in. All of the sudden there is so much to do. I just found this all out last night, right before mom and Bill and I went out to dinner at the Portland Brewery. Stephanie, (the person I'm subletting from) called me as we were getting ready, and I told her that I'd call her later that night, but she mentioned that she'd be talking to other people and that it was first come first serve. After thinking about the fact that it was the best place I was going to find, I called her back 5 minutes later and told her I'd take it.


Friday, January 14, 2005

"The best way to deal with men is like any other natural disaster. You have to know what's coming and you have to be prepared."

-Dawson's Creek

I'm in the mood to blog and have random tidbits to write about that aren't at all related. Therefore this will be LONGGGGGGGGGG. How is that for an intro?

I was watching a movie on Lifetime last night about one of the girls that was killed at Columbine, and it was making me remember what it was like to be in high school during all of that. I remember my thoughts going from normal highschool daydreams to looking around the classroom thinking "If someone came in with the gun, how would I get out? Would I jump out that window?" etc. But what I remember the most is the day that my stupid principal thought it would be good idea to have a mock drill as to what would happen if a Columbine-situation happened at Milwaukie. Adam, do you remember this? Because I was in the auditorium and I've always wondered what was going on in the main building.

Anyways, I was in Pony Pipers and we were just having your everyday choir rehearsal. Then Mr.Hood's (our stupid principal's) voice came over the intercom saying "code something". (I forgot the number of the code). We all looked at Mr.Carlisle asking what that code meant, and he told us it was the code that means someone was in the building with a gun. Mr.C turned off all the lights and told us to all to get in the corner, (there were about 20 of us), so we all got in the corner of the choir room. Now, this whole mock drill had several problems, but the biggest one was that the principal failed to tell anyone that it would be taking place. So nobody, no students, no teachers knew it was just a drill. We all thought it was real. Students were calling their parents, their siblings, telling them what was going on.

The strange thing was that we were all scared, but we kept having outbursts of laughter about nothing. People would be crying, or we'd all just be silent, then we would laugh. Then we planned what door to go out of, who would hide in the office, who would get under the piano, it was bizarre. I don't remember how long this drill went on. (Adam, do you)? It seems like it was around 10 or 20 minutes, but maybe I've made it longer in my mind. When the principal finally came on and informed us it was just a drill, we were all in shock. We sat there in silence, really pissed off that we had just been put through that. Mr.Hood was bombarded with parent phone calls with the next 24 hours and sent home a note of apology the next day. Woop-de-do.

Okay, so next subject that isn't related at all. Last night I went out to Mcgratts with mom and Bill. We were all being really goofy. Mommmy ordered the "Crab Celebration", and everytime the waitor came to see how we were doing, mommy would say "I'm still celebrating", or "My celebration isn't over yet". Then we made our grand exit. That started with Bill wearing two tall hats that looked absolutely ridiculous. (This was all in the lobby right by the exit doors, where a number of people were waiting to be seated). Of course the hats made the three of us break into hysterical laughter. Meanwhile, while laughing hysterically, mom had been trying to throw her wrapper away in the garbage can, until she looked down and realized that what had looked like a garbage can out of the corner of her eye was just a plant. So as Bill has numerous hats on his head and we are all laughing hysterically, mom points at the plant and loudly anounces: "This isn't a garbage can!" Immediatly after that, I realize that my coat was on upside-down and I scream "I'm stuck in my coat!" Despite our hystercal laughter we managed to get out the door, as the people waiting to be seated looked at us with a mixture of confusion and fear. Then we laughed hysterically on the way home.

Last but not least, I'm stealing this from Meagan's blog. I've done this link thing before, but not how Meagan said to do it. Meagan said that I'm not supposed to think about my answers, but just write what immediatly comes to my mind, and I'm supposed to be honest. So here I go, for Meagan:

TEN random things about me/my life:
1. I like the Gilmore Girls
2. My eyes are always dry (I'm not trying to be deep. They are literally always dry. Eyedrops don't help)
3. I eat alot
4. My mom is one of my best friends
5. Lifetime movies make me happy
6. I have bad shoulders
7. I love the rain
8. I'm kinda crazy
9. I'm a hard sleeper
10. I'm a college graduate (!)

NINE Things I enjoy doing (in no particular order):
1. playing piano
2. Walking
3. Blogging
4. Cross-stitch
5. Going to Shari's with Amber
6. Listening to Music
7. Cleaning
8. Hanging out with music people
9. Watching Lifetime Movies

EIGHT Things I want to do before I die (in no particular order):
1. Grad school
2. Get a career where I can play piano (yeah, right)
3. Go to one of those red carpet pre-show things with my sister
4. Go to Europe
5. Have a dog
6. Write songs
7. Spend alot of time in NYC
8. Spend several years living in a small town. (Like the towns on Gimore Girls or Everwood)

SEVEN Ways to win my heart (in no particular order):
1. Be real
2. Be sincere
4. Don't keep secrets that directly effect me
5. Cuddle
6. Understand my love for music
7. Don't tell me you have a profound interest in me and that you're being sincere while you already have a girlfriend in the wings whom has a journal that I have access to. (Purely hypothetcial...)

SIX Things I believe in (in no particular order):
1. Music
2. Nature
3. Myself
4. That everything works itself out
5. My friends
6. My family

FIVE Things I'm afraid of:
1. Losing my piano skills that I have worked so hard to develop
2. Czerny
3. Spiders that drop down by my head while I am blogging. (see previous entries)
4. Another World War
5. The world going against America because we are stupid.

FOUR of my Favorite Items in my house (in no particular order):
(P.S. I am taking off the "in my house" because I am currently homeless)
1. My CDs
2. My books
3. My quilt!
4. My sheet music

THREE Things I do everyday:
1. brush my teeth
2. Walk
3. Drink Coffee

TWO Things I am trying to do right now:
1. Find a home
2. Remember how to play piano

ONE Person I want to see right now:
1. Nancy :(

Thursday, January 13, 2005

"Sun goes down, i'm just getting up, my guitar is in my hand, there's nothing more than I'd rather do than play in a rock and roll band..."

-From David's (Charlie Brown's) blog.

So, I have no inspiration to blog today, (or to do anything else for that matter), but this was on my sister's blog and it looked cool. So here you go.

Copy this list of 10 authors. Remove the ones not on your bookshelves and replace each of them with ones that are (put the replaced authors in bold).

I don't have the option of putting the new authors in bold. So my new authors were #1, 2, 4, 6, and 7.

1. Thomas Hardy
2. Virginia Woolf
3. Willa Cather
4. Edgar Allen Poe
5. D.H. Lawrence
6. Nathaniel Hawthorne
7. Jack Kerouac
8. Edith Wharton
9. Kate Chopin
10. William Shakespeare

OK, here's a fun part two, in keeping with our theme:

1. Grab the nearest book.
2. Open the book to page 123.
3. Find the fifth sentence.
4. Post the text of the sentence in your journal along with these instructions.
5. Don’t search around and look for the “coolest” book you can find. Do what’s actually next to you.

"Cobweb Christmas": "It suited the old woman, for there was room enough within its walls for her to keep a canary for singing, a cat for purring, and a dog to doze beside the fire."

Now, wasn't that fun? That is what my family considers fun. We love talking about books.

Yep, we're cool.

Tuesday, January 11, 2005

"Its good to know its out of my control. If there's one thing that I've learned from all this living is that it wouldn't change a thing if I let go"

-From my new favorite song

EEEEEE!!! This blog is off to a scary start! I just sat down to happily write a new blog entry and a spider dropped down from the ceiling to spin a web, right next to my head. YIKES!!! Its not that I'm scared of spiders, as long as I know they're there. If there was a spider in the corner right now, I'd be like "Hey Mr.Spider, what's up?" But when they come out of nowhere, especially from the sky, (or ceiling), I don't like them.

Meanwhile, Ernie has gone from sedated and miserable to hyper-active. I think he must be better and very happy about that, because he won't stop galloping up and down the hall.

Trevorsicca is on the phone right now!!!

Okay. I am off the phone. And Ernie is now happily sleeping on his snuggle ball. This blog had a very interrupted beginning.

Christmas "Break" was chaos, but fun. Scott and Rebecca left on Sunday, and my sister-face left on Sunday morning, which brings an end to my "I won't think about moving yet" phase. We had fun, starting with New Years Eve. I love that she and Amber know eachother pretty well because I love hanging out with Katie AND Amber!! Aside from Various bars, we also spent some time Dad, Karen,Zachary and Simon. The day that we spent at their house was fun. Daddy played some Marching Band music, (there's no story behind that, its just my dad), ate lots of food, drank lots of vodka, (at least me and Karen did), and watched Stand By Me. Later that night, we got to hang out with Joe and Will. (My cousins). It had been a LONG time since Joe, Will, Scott, Katie and I had all been together. It was really nice, even though it wasn't for that long.

In a nutshell, it was fun having everyone here.

Tonight I spent a few hours at Shari's with Amber. My sandwhich was so greasy that I had to eat it with a fork. And that is what beauty really is. Last night I hung out with Lora and had alot of fun. We watched Napolean dynamite, which I knew I would love because Jill Suzy told me that I would. Then we went to Applebees because it was 1/2 off appetizer night. We had a great time catching up on stuff.

Guess what else happened today? You'll never believe it. I FINALLY played through the 36th Czerny excersise!

Sunday, January 09, 2005

"You are the musical equivalant of a fire alarm."


Ernie is soooo much better! He's wagging his tail and eating and drinking water and playing and I'm so happy that he is a happy poodle again!

I ate more yesterday than I have ate in a long time, and it was absolutely beautiful. My mommy, sister, Kat and I had a Gilmore Girls day. We didn't actually watch Gilmore Girls, but we watched other movies in a Gilmore Girls fashion, meaning that we ate a mass amount of food. We had mini doughnuts, marshmallows, 2 kinds of cookies, little weenies, cheesy bread, bread with artichoke dip, nachos, licorice, veggies & dip, pizza, and more that I can't remember. It was true beauty.

I'm really hoping that one of these days I remember how to play piano.

Friday, January 07, 2005

"I don't think it's fair that dogs have such short lives. They're better than us, they should live as long as parrots..."


Ernie seems to be doing better. He is still a sick, miserable dog, but there are definite signs of improvement. I stayed home with him all day yesterday. Poor poodle has had a rough couple of days.

Anyways, I'm not in the mood to blog and wasn't going to write at all, but look! I just got an e-mail from the SOU registration office:

Good morning, Erin. I posted your degree on 12-20-04.

Wednesday, January 05, 2005

"Not all who wander are aimless."

-From "Mona Lisa Smile"

Since my sister arrived on the 29th, we have been having so much fun together. Maybe a little too much fun. Fun to the point of exhaustion. So last night after we got back from my stepmom's birthday dinner, I decided to stay in and rest. And I did the same thing tonight. Amber came over and we just watched movies and relaxed.

Sound mellow? Don't assume things! It has been a very strange 48 hours. For one thing, I have a relative that is dying. I don't know her very well, but she is a big part of my mom and grandma's lives, so it is still hitting home because I am so close to the two of them. I've known so many people who have died, and it just never gets easier, it is never something that you can get used to.

Something else has been happening that is more upsetting to me, which I hope doesn't make me heartless. But I have had my little baby Ernie since I was in second grade. I love him soooo much. He is an oldish poodle, seeing as how he turns 16 on Saturday. But he is in very good health. Until yesterday. Out of nowhere he started shaking, and pacing, and stiffening up and making really awful bizarre noises, and throwing up, and he was not being himself in any way, and then he wouldn't stop crying... the little guy was so miserable. And that continued into today. I was home with him all day because I didn't want him to be by himself. I didn't even get out of my pajamas until my mom was home because I didn't want him to be alone. He has been having awful episodes and they were getting worse today. Right after my mom got home he was having another "sick episode" and out of nowhere he stiffened up and fell over, and that is when my mom wrapped him in a blanket and took him to the vet. Then I started crying. Then my sister and I had a drink. We couldn't think of anything else to do.

Its just so sad. At least when a human is in pain, you can explain to them what is going on, even if you can't help them. But with animals they just look completely miserable and you can't even tell them why. Its been really hard for me. I hate seeing the little guy so sad, and knowing that he is in pain.

Anyways, that is what's going on. Other than my sad poodle, it has been alot of fun in these last two weeks. If you want more of a play-by-play, read my sister's blog. I can't do links because my mom's computer won't let me, but there is a link to my sister's blog on the side of my blog under "blog buddies". My brother left a couple of days ago and my sister is here for a few more days. Then I start focusing on moving.

Sunday, January 02, 2005

"I'll make a resolution that I'll never make another one..."

-Jimmy Buffet

New Years Eve was super fun. Me,Amber, Sean, Rebecca and my siblets went to The Limelight. There was a dance floor, but nobody was dancing. So Katie said she would buy me a drink if I went out and danced by myself. And I was like, "duh, free drink!" So I went out on the dance floor all by my lonesome and had myself a party. Then all these guys started whistling, then I started a trend and within minutes the dance floor was packed. I totally got the party started. Everybody thought it was a big deal, but I don't see what was so landmarkish about it. But I'm also a performance major. The whole night was really fun.

Yesterday was my family Christmas. We all got up at 8 AM and did our traditional Christams routine, and it was really fun. Gammie told us not to open presents until she arrived because she wanted a picture of the tree with the presents, but we got impatient and started sorting out the presents. But then Gammie pulled up and we frantically put the presents back under the tree. Yeah, we're totally normal. Later in the day, my siblets and Rebecca and I went to Fred Meyer. I bought a recording of Les Mis that is really good. Except the dude that plays Enjrolas kinda ruins The People's Song. He takes way too much artistic liberty with his phrasing. But I'll live.

Perhaps the highlight of the day for me was the phone call that I got about halfway through the day. It was from Gina!!!!!! I was SO HAPPY to hear from her!!! We talked quickly because my family was waiting on me, but being able to actually talk with her was great. GREAT.

I went out last night and had alot of fun. At one point we were all at a bar called "The Selwood Inn", and my brother and my cousin and Rebecca left. Right after the left, Hanson's "Mmmmbop" came on. And I remember thinking "Huh?" But then "The Greatest Love of All" came on, which is when we realized that my brother had decided to load the Jukebox with cheesy songs. Everyone at the bar was so annoyed that the bartender shut off the music. That's my brother.

Anyways, today is Christmas at my daddy's house. I must go drink coffee now.