Hardcore Pepperocini

Sunday, October 31, 2004

" 'Cathy I'm lost' I said, though I knew she was sleeping, 'I'm empty and aching and I don't know why'..."

-Simon and Garfunkel

This has been a really good, weird, strange, nice, tiring, relaxing weekend... or something.

Friday was fun. I really loved "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind." It reminded me of lots of things that I had forgotten about, and put a brighter light on some things that have really been stressing me out lately. We actually watched it AGAIN last night, cause it was due this morning and I wanted to see it again. It was even better the second time.

I spent yesterday alternating between writing in my journal, doing cross-stitch, playing piano, and making phone calls. I got a phone call from href="http://scothikin.org/">Scot and that totally made my week. He's in Vienna, and sounds like he is having mucho fun. I went on an awesome walk, the weather was rocking my world. And I spent alot of time on my Bach concerto. I was just really relaxed, and it occured to me that yesterday was the first full day off that I have had since before I went to Michigan!

But in other moods, I'm just freaking out. It isn't the thought of not having a home that scares me, its the thought of not having a job. I don't remember a time where I haven't had to worry about money, and it just gets exausting. Gina e-mailed me with an awesome idea about France, but I'm not sure if it will all work out.

Send me good vibes so I don't have a heart attack.

Okay, so I was about to publish this and had to come back for a final comment. I just witnessed a memeber of the wresting team giving a fellow employee his number for a halloween party tonight. UGH... I'm not one to label... but here I go. The athletes at this school are scum. Okay, I'm passing alot of judgement because I, um, how do I put this without making this blog entry three pages long, I knew several of the football players when I was a sophmore. They are scum. All of them. Blech. Gross. I need soap.

Anyways, I hate scummy guys. I really do. And I got a that sick-to-my-stomach feeling that I thought only the football players could give me when I heard her ask "can I bring my roomate?" And he said "is she a chick? Don't bring any guys. Just bring chicks." EEEEEEEEEE!!!! I think I'm going to go and talk to my fellow employee, (who happens to be a size-zero blond freshman), as to why this party is a BAD idea.


Friday, October 29, 2004

"Constantly talking is not necassarily communicating"

-Jim Carrey

Adam's dvd is being mean...I wonder if we'll finish the movie.

I'm leaving Ashland at the end of December. That is weird, and it is new, and it hasn't hit me yet. I told Jacob today. I decided this three days ago, but didn't want to write about it until I told him. I ended up having to tell him over the phone, which I didn't want to do, but I never see him and thought that as a roomate I should tell him as soon as possible. So I told him. He didn't seem to feel any strong reaction...

I feel really alone in all of these really big decisions. I e-mailed Gina today and asked for her opinion. That helped alot. I'm such a baby sometimes.

Anyways, back to the movie...

"...The truth about any girl is that once she's talked about she's done for; and the more she explains her case, the worse it looks..."

-Willa Cather

If you haven't read "Song of the Lark" by Willa Cather, you should.

I actually wasn't going to blog today. But then I was reading
href="http://paragonia.blogspot.com/">David's blog and had to do this test, and then I had to paste it, so now I have to write something so I can put the link at the end of this entry so my sister can take the quiz and not leave me a comment that says "sistuuuuuuuuur, where is the quiiiiiiiiiiiiz?

So here I am... Hi, I'm in Delaware. Sorry, Wayne's World reference.

I have to run to work now. I'll post a link to that quiz, even though my links are forever doomed to look wrong on my blog. Oh well.

href="What'>">What type of badass are you?

You are resourceful and talented. You get your job
done completely and quickly, with a
silky-smoothness that benefits whatever side
you choose to be on. Your overseers appreciate
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What Type of Badass Are You?
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Thursday, October 28, 2004

"I ran my mouth off a bit too much, oh what can i say, well you just laughed it off and it was all okay..."

-Modest Mouse

Okay, so after I wrote my entry yesterday I was very dissapointed in how boring it was. So I kept a list for the rest of the day on the little stupid things that happened. So at least now I have little stupid things to write about.

Sometimes I think my blog is too much like "blah blah blah Erin blah blah blah me blah blah blah." But like I've said, its my attempt to keep people somewhat up to date on my life. So I guess blah blah blah is okay.

How is that for an intro?

I was walking to the SU and ran into an aquaintance that I have known since my frosh year of college. We went to get food and had a chat about random stuff. Then I saw ginger candy for the first time since before I went to Michigan, and that made me SO happy! (I've seen ginger candy, but not this brand that is my favorite). So I bought a handful of them and then saw Jacob sitting at a table studying with someone and I think that was the first time that I had seen Jacob in a couple of days. I gave one to him since he is the one that introduced me to ginger candy in the first place. We didn't have time to talk though...

Then I went to work at the office. That job is slowly getting better as I am starting to learn a little more of the routine. The people that come to check the lost and found are SO annoying! Its like, they don't just want to tell you what they lost and ask if you have it, no, that would be WAY to easy! Instead they have to tell you where they were when they lost it, and what they think happened to it, and what their childhood was like. UGH. Then this boy called four times in an hour asking me how to get to Medford. First of all, the Student Affairs office is NOT the Ashland transportation department. I tried to help him the first time he called, because I could tell by his voice that he was completely clueless. "Uh... I can't find the number to Ashland, uh, greyhound, because, uh, the phone book is like wrong." And I said that Ashland doesn't have a Greyhound, and then he said "uh, oh," (not uh-oh but "uh, oh"), and then I hung up. Then he called back to ask about taxis. Then he called back to ask about the city bus. Then he called back to ask if I knew if planes were cheaper. OH MY GOSH. I was so annoyed. Grrr....

I got off work at 5 PM and went to practice, then I stopped by the lab to check my e-mail. I recieved a very interesting e-mail from a very interesting friend that I have not talked to in a LONG time. It kind of threw off my night and was alot to think about. It was frusterating because it all ties back to my sophmore year, but there is nobody left in Ashland that was really with me during that time period. But I REALLY needed to talk! So I pulled out my phone to call Jacob, scrolled down to his number, stared at it... then realized that he wouldn't know what or who I was talking about, and he's so busy, and evenings is when he does all of his homework and makes phone calls to his friends and I had WAY to much to say.

So I went home and ate some chocolate, then gave Adam a call since I left something at his apartment that I had to come over and get anyways. As I was leaving for his place, Jacob got home and I went back inside to tell him my story, just because it had been a few days since we had a conversation and I wanted to fill him in. He looked kind of confused, like "whoa, Erin is talking to fast", and then he started playing his keyboard. My stories can be kind of hard to take in...

Then I went to Adam's, and we talked for a few hours, and drank a little bit but not alot, and listened to some awesome music. Then I went back home and talked to Jessica until I couldn't stay awake. Then I went to sleep. I have been sleeping so heavy lately, way heavier than usual, but I'm still always tired. Ugh.

That's all for now. Happy Thursday.

Wednesday, October 27, 2004

"I can't be homecoming queen for every boy that falls in and out of love with me..."

-Rosie Thomas

I had a really good time practicing yesterday. I went to the music building after I got off work at 5 PM, and pracitced until I had to go to work at the library until 8 PM. Even though I was getting frusterated with my playing, it was still nice. Work went by fast of course, as nights with Nancy and Mark always do. Nancy gave me my birfday present. Ahhhh......

I have mucho biology work that I have to get done today. I hate that class. Yesterday's class ended up in a VERY heated debate about George Bush. UGH... I just wanted to leave. Luckily I had my journal with me, so I just wrote in there while everyone else gave themselves heart attacks.

"Life after January" is becoming such a reality. I really think I'm going to put off traveling and move to Seattle, assuming that I can find a job and a place to live. (In that order). I feel ready... I think.

I'll try to do something cool today so I have more exciting things to write about tomorrow.

Tuesday, October 26, 2004


Ignore the "comment" icon on the TOP of the entry. Use the one at the BOTTOM of the entry. I tried like crazy to get "comment this" back but I failed, and I'd rather not kill another blog.

I killed my blog!

"Don't tease me for my hobbies. I don't tease you for being an asshole."
-From "Garden State"

First off, yeah. New adress. I killed my blog while trying to be more computerish than I really am. I made an error on my page and couldn't figure out how to get comments back. So I'm just starting a new blog, rather than spending all night staring at the weird letters on the template. So that's that. New blog.

Has everyone seen Garden State? I saw it the other day. Its great. Go see it!

Hmmm... what do I have to say? Studio class was fun today, in a piano-geek sort of way. Nobody signed up to play, so Alex made everyone go up on the stage one by one and sight read. Ah! It was easy stuff though. And it gave me alot of time to have a sarcasm-filled conversation with Vernon. Then I had choir. You know, I really don't like being in choir, and it drags by more than any other part of my day, yet I always end up laughing throughout the entire class regardless of who I am sitting by. Maybe it is a form of insanity.

I made a scrapbook about Blue Lake yesterday. Its awesome. It has song lyrics, snippets from my journal, pictures, letters, I'm really proud of it. I want to show it to everyone, but then I realize that most people will just be like... "uh, why are you showing me this?"

I'm gonna go work on my Bach Fugue now. Loves!